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dont hurt LCD/cable/frame,keep the colour,for cleanning the frame glue/OCA
598 univesal cleaner for phone LCD frame
型号: PX-598
OCA cleanner,for all soft OCA and hard OCA,20
Universal OCA cleanner
型号: PX-oca cleanner
use for plastic,metal.electronic,etc,
PX-fast glue
型号: Quick-drying glue/Sol
Fast-drying type of white oil
Mobile phone motherboard special cleaning fluid
1000ml (tin)
300ml (plastic bottle)
White oil
型号: PX-oil
use for LCD remove the glue
white steel
OCA glue removing steel bar
型号: PX-glue steel
Dongfeng-purpose adhesive is a two-component epoxy adhesive formulated with a curing agent, and for wood, glass, ceramics, jade, metal and vulcanized rubber has a good bonding capacity, and with non-toxic, water, acid, solvent resistant, high mechanical strength and are easy to use and other characteristics
all-purpose adhesive(AB)
型号: AD-U
strong transparent double-side adhesive,for phone and other etc,
Red transparent double-side adhesive
型号: PX-sticker
washing computer and phone mainboard when they are dirty and fall into water  750ml
phone mainboard cleaner
型号: PX-cleaner
use foe cleaning phone LCD
Clean room wiper
型号: PX-wiper
Using hot air gun heating can accelerate the solidification. This rapid solidification is no water penetration easily solve the border problem, LCD backlight anti-UV glue
Mobile frame sealant
型号: 8333W
Features: BGA IC chips for mobile phones resin sealed plastic softening demolition demolition. Selection DuPont chemical formulation. Department of newest environmentally safe formula. Can quickly soften, loosen the cured phenolic, epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, silicone gums and other. Phone circuit boards and components without damage.
BGA IC powerful demolition glue
型号: TC-720
Dedicated to repair computers, mobile phones and PCB circuit board solder resist layer peeling line or local damage, as well as the fly line fixed insulation, computers, mobile phone repair necessary materials!
PCB green oil
型号: TC-803L
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